Leica M5

Sadly no pictures of the Leica M5 yet, but you can order the Walter RX eyepiece ® to fit the Leica M5 camera by clicking the “Add to cart” icon below.

Walter RX Eyepiece Leica M5 astigmatism diopter correction lens.

Finally, no more glasses needed to take photographs with your Leica M5. Instead of using your glasses the eyepiece becomes the glasses and you can get your eye closer to the viewfinder and see all the frames clearly even the 35mm frame lines, without the bother of spectacles.


Above picture displayed is a close up of the astigmatism solution Walter RX eyepiece on my used Leica M5 rangefinder camera. The diopter correction lens is visible in this eyepiece.



The Walter RX eyepiece ® Leica M5 astigmatism solution lens is made to order as per each individual customers “shooting eye’s” diopter and astigmatism prescription. The lens is inserted into the rotating eyepiece before it is shipped. Therefor, upon receipt of your order, allowing for quick and easy installation on your Leica M5 and ready for immediate usage. Just “Plug and play”

Finally you are able to take photographs without the obstruction of wearing your glasses (spectacles). Even if you suffer from astigmatism, this LEICA M5 accessory rectifies both your visual impairment and your astigmatism.


The perfect photographic solution for those who need glasses to take pictures. Hand manufactured to exact standards. Optimum quality. “The end of Astigmatism is insight”


Here seen up close and personal, the Leica M5 astigmatism eyepiece.

Compact design, quality engineering, matt black, matching paint finish, the rotating astigmatism and diopter correction eyepiece. Click here to view the rotational movement of the Leica M5 eyepiece.


In the above picture the Walter RX eyepiece ® lens has been inserted and is ready to use. This is how it is supplied to our customers worldwide. All we require is your prescription of the “shooting eye” for the glasses that you are currently using to take pictures. It is that exact same lens that gets manufactured and inserted into the eyepiece.

We manufacture the Walter RX Eyepiece for the full assortment of Leica M rangefinder 35mm camera such as the M9, M9-P, M8, digital cameras and M7, M6, M6 TTL, M6J, M4, M4-2, M4-P, M4M, M3 and M2, MP, MP-2 analog (leitz) cameras.


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Leica M5

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