Leica M8 diopter correction lens

Leica M8 diopter correction lens

Below is an assortment of close up pictures to show what the Walter RX eyepiece ® viewfinder astigmatism correction diopter eyepiece looks like on the Leica M8 digital camera.

Please view the other pages of this site for more technical information and more details on the rotating diopter viewfinder eyepiece.

The viewfinder diopter eyepiece will rectify all your visual impairments as it contains your prescription lens in it. If you always found it a problem using your Leica M8 because you are wearing glasses, well here is your optical solution.

Finally the need for spectacles is “No More” The freedom of photographing as a person with perfect vision is now in reach. You are now able to see the viewfinder clearly, your focusing will improve drastically, over and above all that, you can see all the frame lines with in the viewfinder including the 28mm frame lines right on the edges on the viewfinder. The red exposure arrows are also clearly visible thus improving your exposures.

The diopter astigmatism correction view finder remains light and bright as the Walter RX eyepiece ® fits over the Leica camera finder. It does NOT screw into the viewfinder making the viewing whole smaller and therefor allowing less light in such as the Leica magnifiers.

We believe the need for Leica magnifiers now falls away as with the Walter RX eyepiece ® you are now using the camera with perfect vision just as it was designed to be in the first place.

All the Leica magnifiers do is “magnify the astigmatism”

We are able to manufacture astigmatism diopter correction eyepieces to fit the entire range of Leica M rangefinder cameras. such as the Leica M9, M9-P, M8, digital cameras and Leica M7, Leica M6, M6 TTL, M6J, M4, M4-2, M4-P, M4M, M3 and M2, MP, MP-2 analog (leitz) cameras.

All we require is your personalized prescription. This is the same prescription as the lens in your glasses that you are currently using while shooting with your Leica M8. Please remember to provide the prescription of the shooting eye only. For the left or right eye.  It’s a simple accessory that solves a complicated problem. This device will improve your ability to focus accurately and frame your picture correctly. Also being able to see the exposure arrows in detail, it will improve the general exposure of your pictures.  This ingenious little device will enhance the ergonomics and comfort of using your Leica rangefinder M8 digital camera. Mounted on a high quality, German engineered, freely rotating ball bearing, the eyepiece will always fall back to the same horizontal position with ease, no matter what angle you hold the camera. Whether taking a portrait or landscape picture, or any position in between, rest assured, your Walter RX eyepiece ® will always self orientate back to a horizontal position.

But don’t take my word for it. If you have any doubt, please read an article (review) published on the internet by La Vie De Leica on the Walter RX diopter correction astigmatism eyepiece ®

Leica M8 diopter correction lens

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