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  1. Hello,

    I bought an empty diopter from Leica ($50). My optician inserted a lens to suit my eye for another $50. Total $100. I wonder what the advantage of your eyepiece is over mine. What is the advantage of the “moving” Walter eyepiece… If I rotate my camera can I not achieve the same effect?

  2. L.S.
    The price is as I understand this in US$ or $479,00
    This is quite a lot of money.
    Why is this eye piece this expensive?
    Thank you for your reply,
    Best regards,
    Harry Briels
    Borchtstraat 30, 303
    B 2800 Mechelen

  3. 1.) Do I understand correctly that the $479 price includes a lens made to my prescription?

    2.) Does the $479 include shipping to the USA?

    3.) If my prescription changed and I wanted a new lens, what would be the cost of the replacement lens?

    4.) Can the lens be used on a Leica MP?

    5.) Do you have any reviews by people who use the lens?

    6.) Is there a warrantee or return policy?

    Bill Meyers

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your mail and inquiry.

      Yes, the selling price includes, the eyepiece, your prescription lens included with worldwide shipping and insurance. 

      If you prescription changes over the years, you would need to visit your local optometrist to have the replacement lens inserted. They should be able to assist with a price for this.
      Alternatively, you are welcome to send the eyepiece to us and we can also do it for you.

      At the moment we only have Walter RX Eyepieces for the Leica M8 and M9. We will be rolling out models to fit all Leica M analogue series cameras over the next few months.

      “La Vie de Leica” will be doing a comprehensive review soon on the eyepiece and the results will be on their webpage.

      We have tested the product locally and have nothing but positive reports.

      You are more than welcome to return the item for a full credit if not to yrou satisfaction. We are confident all will match your expectations.

      I hope you consider a purchase.


      Jean-Louis Beek

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