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Weather taking a portrait or landscape picture, rest assured, your                                     Walter RX eyepiece ® will always self orientate back to a horizontal                             position.

The real ingenious part of this accessory is that the Walter RX eyepiece is engineered to always stay in a horizontally aligned position. Mounted on a high quality, German engineered, freely rotating ball bearing, the eyepiece will always fall back to the same horizontal position with ease, no matter what angle you hold the camera.

Now you have the luxury of removing your spectacles altogether when you are taking pictures. No more tilting your head in awkward neck breaking position and squinting your eyes to try and align the rangefinder in the view finder. It’s a simple accessory that solves a  complicated problem.

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4 thoughts on “Video clips

  1. Is the (diopter) correction lens part of the Walter RX Eyepiece or can I fit my present one. My point is, do I have to buy a new Walter RX Eyepiece each time the dioptre of my right eye changes? Also as I mainly shoot with a 50mm lens (on an M9), will the Walter RX Eyepiece work with Leica’s (1.25x) viewfinder magnifier?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your mail and inquiry.

      We would be happy to sell you the eyepiece without a lens. You would then need to approach your optician and request them to fit your lens.

      If your prescription changes over the years, you can remove the lens and insert another one at a later stage.

      The lens that gets inserted in the eyepiece is exactly the same lens as in your glasses, just cut down to size and fitted in the eyepiece.
      Therefor no additional diopter correction lenses should be required. You can now shoot without using your glasses.

      Please be aware, if you send us your prescription, we can fit the lens and ship ready to use immediately.

      I hope you consider a purchase.


      Jean-Louis Beek

  2. I have a corrective diopter installed on my M8. The advantage, over the diopter is not clear in your video. Please show an image, through the viewfinder while rotating the camera and framing and focusing a subject.


    Bob Kelly
    A Impromptu Street Photographer

    • Hello Bob,

      Thank you for your comments.
      A corrective diopter is good for near and far sighted problems. It’s purely a magnifying lens. Astigmatism is a different animal altogether.
      There are infinity degrees of astigmatism. It is a personal eye deficiency and requires a personal prescription for correction. In most cases it is over and above a near or far sighted visual disorder.

      It is not possible for me to make a video to depict this. As it is different for everybody.

      The Walter RX Eyepiece has your lens in it. It’s not an off the shelf + or – diopter correction. It is the perfect solution if you wish to comfortably take pictures without your glasses.

      Thank you for viewing the site.


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